Overnight Perspectives

07A deep, lonely but at the same time bright night. A night where the submerged finds the strength to emerge and, away from indiscreet eyes, everything manifests without prejudice. A moment of revelation, not painless nor free of tension.

Transit locations that show no pretension on being interesting in the daily rush, but are able to transform into complex containers of meaning. A journey to face in person, subverting the rules of space, breaking limits, holding on, trying somehow to find a way out, interacting on site, with real things.

Finding myself in such a different and disenchanted reality, revealing my presence in it and sharing it with others helped me exorcise and get through a disorientation in which, at a certain point, I found myself.

A disorientation that seems to belong to a whole generation of young and less young people looking for a prospect to endure the tension of one’s own unbalances, in a more and more complex, precarious and changing context.

Tehcnical Notes

Lightjet Print on Plexiglass, 60 x 60 cm / 110 x 110 cm.
Limited editions. Price on request.

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