• Overnight Perspectives

    A deep, lonely but at the same time bright night. A night where the submerged finds the strength to emerge and, away from indiscreet eyes, everything manifests without prejudice. A moment of revelation, not painless nor free of tension.

    Transit locations that show no pretension on being interesting in the daily rush, but are able to transform into complex containers of meaning. A journey to face in person, subverting the rules of space, breaking limits, holding on, trying somehow to find a way out, interacting on site, with real things...

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  • Tales of Yore

    2011. Greece. Four triptychs, four episodes. A cycle that, through some views of a rugged landscape of the Attica's East Coast, explores the relationship between Man/Civilization and Nature: monoliths, unfinished constructions, modern temples devoted to the god of concrete and left abandoned; the discovery of technology and the use of Fire; the relationship with an environment to dominate and at the same time to protect from...

    The Greek issue, that is a Global issue, it’s indeed very complex. And it is an old one. Far from city streets, far from people problems, I found in these landscapes a wider way to wonder about it.

    Project sponsored by  Canson_logo_small_bk.

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  • Between The Palace and The Square

    2008 "Olympic Year", China, Beijing. In the avenue between the Forbidden City and Tian'Anmen Square domestic turists coming from all over China, students and few beijingers, rest on the several benches placed all along.

    The extent of the places, the weight of its symbols and the dry weather of these days make it a forced stay. Just between The Palace and The Square there is a small theatre where modern China comes to hand...

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  • Common Places // 0.6mm Pinhole

    Common Places is a series based on the geographical landmarks of my hometown Pontassieve, Florence, Italy. These landmarks are used every day to give directions, to fix a meeting point, to move inside an urban territory.

    The Church, The Elevator, The Skyscraper, these are some Common Places everyone knows here. Images of living memories through a 0.6mm pinhole.