Graduated in 2011 at the International School of Photography of Florence (Italy), self-taught and passionate about visual language and new technologies, he is professionally active since 2008 in the fields of Photography, Videomaking and Visual Arts.

He exhibited his photographic research projects, achieving several recognitions, such as the Canson sponsor for the “Tale of Yore” project. His works have been published in various magazines like Opere, AD Germany, Le Journal de la Photographie.

He co-edited the Web Documentaries “MolecolaIF”, “What-IF”, “Demal Te Niew” and “Data Ulixes”, directing photography and experimenting new video shooting and editing techniques (VR e 360) combined with Creative Coding and Interactive Narratives.

In 2013 he co-founded La Jetée, together with Roberto Malfagia.

He currently lives and works in Florence (Italy) as Communications Consultant, Photographer, Videomaker and Teacher.